35th Anniversary (2003)

玉禧(35周年)纪念 (35th Anniversary Programme)

4.00 pm:报到/Registration (CLHS school hall)
5.00 pm:拍全体照/Group Photo & 参观校舍(School Tour)
6.00 pm:娘惹长桌餐会/Buffet Dinner (钟灵食堂/School Canteen)
7.00 pm:欢乐时光及假花制造示范 (Happy Hours & Talk)

9.00 am:启程前往参观北海钟灵中学/A visit to CLHS Butterworth)
12 noon:: 午餐于北海金禧楼 (Lunch at Seberang Jaya)
2-5 pm:自由活动/Free Activities
6.00 pm:同学交流/Cocktail (City Bayview Hotel)
7.00 pm:宴会/35th Anniversary Banquet

8.00 am:合艾一日游 (Optional Hatyai Tour)


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