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    On behalf of Tan Tong Seng...

Dear Super Seniors, My dad do not know much about IT, or rather he refuses to engage himself in computer world. So, I got to be his IT supervisor :)

We are a small family of 3, Dad, Mum and myself. Nevertheless, Dad has never stop to ensure we have more than just sufficient. Yet, he embraced the law of middle path and has been guiding me to draw the line between greediness and contenment. He has sacrificed too much to this family and this is the time to enjoy... I hope my Head Master, Mr. Sim, will help to 'drag' my parents for vacation, if there is any. Thanks in advance :)

I'm grad of year 97 (form 5) and now working in Motorola as Electrical Design Engineer. Being a man stepping into his 30s, I always wish to know how does Seniors see us as the generation who are just about to walk into their "2nd half" of life.

但愿每个晨曦带给您"快乐", 每个夜幕带给您"满足".

Jacky Tan (陈颖璋)
TAN TONG SENG Email   (16/10/2009 11:55 AM)
    Greetings from Pang Siam Choong

Very happy to visit this site. Well done! We should be communicating with each other at ease in this blog.
Pang Siam Choong Email   (16/10/2009 9:56 AM)

Thanks for your good job , JT , to make all classmates can meet at this blog. Cheers.
CHEAH SIEW HUEN Email   (15/10/2009 11:40 PM)
    Chung Ling Friendship Forever

How are you getting on, my old friends?
Yong Cheng Suan Email   (15/10/2009 10:46 AM)
    Greeting From Yeoh Teik Hai

Very happy to be access such a good site for our classmates. Well done.
Yeoh Teik Hai Web Site Email   (15/10/2009 10:35 AM)
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